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(what we do, our solution and our target group)

Centiglobe is a Swedish fintech company with the purpose of empowering smart DLT cross-border payment solutions (Distributed-Ledger-Technology) to secure innovation and growth by connecting financial flows.

We help banks, financial institutions, and companies to embrace real-time cross-border payment opportunities. Our payment transactions platform, and unique technology, create trust and transparency in payments, enable financial flows, reduce counterparty risk, cost of capital and operating cost to compete more effectively.

Centiglobe is the link between traditional payments rails and tokenized assets, combining the assurance provided by a regulatory framework and the new transformational DLT technology, resulting in instant secure transfer of value and data.


In the coming years, the technologies and processes supporting the global payments space will be transformed by digitization. Key for success will be to find secure and transparent solutions for automation, new business models, predictability, and risk management.

As companies increase their global reach, cross-border payments become a necessity, stimulating demand for better real-time payment solutions. In parallel it will become increasingly difficult for banks and financial institutions to differentiate their offering towards end clients.

The winners of tomorrow will be those that are first movers and already today start experimenting and engaging in real business projects utilizing new DLT payment solutions and technology to secure innovation.

Germany is an important cornerstone in the European economy and a country with a large amount of international trade. Now is the time for financial services providers in Germany to establish new ways of doing cross-border payments, enabling improved services combined with efficiency, automation and reduced risk.

Centiglobe are front-runners in offering DLT payment solutions and we aim to be a key digitization partner for German financial institutes, enabling you to improve your efficiency, customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Simplify cross-border payments – instant, secure and automated:

Enables you to offer your clients, companies or individuals, cross-border payments with fx instantly and predictable at competitive cost – without the need for corresponding banks and Swift network. Small or large payments. Through being part of the Centiglobe payment platform, this is made possible through API integration.

Conditioned payments for tokenized real estate transactions:

The tokenization of assets is growing at enormous speed, with the market estimated to be 16 trillion USD by year 2030 (source BCG report). One specific example is tokenization of real estate across the globe. With Centiglobes ability to connect tokenized real estate with conditioned, predictable payments, investments in real estate can be carried out without counterparty risk, and payments and assets are exchanged simultaneously.

Interested to learn more? Read our white paper:

We look forward to talking to you about how you can improve your cross-border payments

with new and innovative services!

About the author:

Sofi Håkanson is Head of Sales & Marketing at Centiglobe. She joined the firm early 2023 after 30+ years working with the Financial Services industry in leading positions at Accenture & IBM.

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