Modern Digital Workplace

Changed requirements on a
Modern Digital Workplace

  • Employees want to work independently of time and place
  • Employer must be able to provide employees with a mobile workplace that is available at all times
  • Comfort when accessing data from “everywhere”
  • IT security is one of the most important basic conditions for the conversion to a digital/mobile workplace

Profile of a Modern Digital Workplaces


Business-relevant applications and collaboration functions are merged. Data from all software systems are brought together in a central platform.

Mobile Access

Mobility management gives employees seamless access to business applications, regardless of time and place. This increases productivity and collaboration with colleagues and customers.

Suitable access devices

Employees must be able to access their digital workplace anywhere (smartphone, tablet or PC).

Efficient communication structure

Connectivity is crucial for the functionality of the digital workplace. The functioning of communication technology as well as business and collaboration applications are crucial. Networks must be able to handle simultaneous voice, video and data transmissions.

Data security

The convergence of cloud computing, social media and mobile computing requires a high awareness of data security.

Advantages and benefits of a Modern Digital Workplace

  • Faster reactions to customer inquiries
  • Better use of “downtime”
  • Availability even outside business hours
  • Cost reduction through reduction of office space
  • Company-wide exchange of knowledge is promoted
  • Information is available faster
  • Interactive collaboration is improved
  • Engagement and employee satisfaction are increased
  • Innovation and creativity are encouraged
  • Work processes and workflows can be mapped digitally without time delay
  • The attractiveness as an employer in the “War for Talents” is increased

Our approach

  • End-to-end view with structured and tested process model
  • State-of-the-art IT security and cybersecurity services (with cooperation partner HXNWRK)
  • Tailored to your needs