„MEN WANTED for hazardous journey, small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger. Safe return doubtful, honor and recognition in event of success”.

This “job advertisement” published in a daily newspaper was used more than 100 years ago to put together the crew for an Antarctic expedition of Sir Ernest Shackleton. In the end, after three years in the ice, they all returned, but fortunately the requirements and the approach have changed; today it looks like this with us:

Crew-Member (d/m/w) for exciting expeditions wanted.

Attractive salary. Team spirit.
Clear course at all times.
Constantly new challenges. Certainly tackling them.
Joint success and mutual recognition.

On expeditions, the crew decides on the success and the achievement of set goals. Successful expedition teams are therefore always a collection of different characters, experiences and interests. For this reason, Gravning (derived from the polar explorer Roald E. Gravning Amundsen, whose team was the first to reach the South Pole on 14.12.1911) does not have the streamlined advisor, but authentic and individual personalities.

Anyone who, after a few years in a bank or savings bank, a service provider or a large consulting firm, feels well-equipped in the areas of payment and payment transactions, credit/loans or core banking, but lacks punch and flexibility in the current organization, should join our team in the search for “banking beyond borders”.

We look forward to joint expeditions into new banking worlds!