Management of migrations

Success factors for migration projects in banks

  • The definition of a migration strategy between the bank and the IT service provider is the basis for a successful cooperation
  • Migration objects must be defined according to type and scope
  • The source systems of the supplying bank must be precisely determined in advance, including all specifics
  • The requirements for the new target system and the impact on the ETL process must be broken down in detail for the migration
  • Reconciliation processes must be developed that can provide quantitative and qualitative information about the success of the migration

Gravnings special migration skills

Project Leadership

  • External representation of the migration project (e.g. communication with the steering committee)
  • Management of the PMO and sub-projects (depending on the form of organization)
  • Implementation of project planning (setting milestones and activities, estimation of expenses)
  • Implementation of kick-off meetings and important dates
  • Risk Management
  • Project controlling/ status check

PMO Management

  • Administrative support for the project management
  • Coordination of projects and resources
  • Budget planning of the overall project
  • Creation of decision documents
  • Cut-Over Management (depending on project organization)
  • Control of the project methodology and tools

Reconciliation of the data migration

  • Initial conception of the data reconciliation
  • Coordination of the necessary coordination & acceptance activities at the events
  • Selection and support of responsible persons for data transfers
  • Selection and implementation of reconciliation tools
  • Management of databases and relevant documents
  • Creation of a significant management reporting

Management test areas

  • Establishment of a test area structure to cover the test as a whole
  • Selection of responsible test area managers
  • Coordination of the test areas
  • Organization and implementation of workshops for the quantitative and qualitative expansion of the tests
  • Development of end-to-end test chains
  • Coordination of logical and concrete test cases in the context of test automation

Defect Management

  • Development of a defect process tailored to the bank
  • Selection of contact persons from the IT and specialist departments of the bank or IT service provider for defect coordination
  • Realization of regular Defect Meetings
  • Development and introduction of suitable tools for ongoing defect tracking
  • Development of a holistic management reporting

Cut-Over Management

  • Management of the control center at the event
  • Organization and implementation of the decision to the point of no return
  • Results presentation
  • Initiation of the acceptance by the division manager
  • SPOC function for all corporate divisions for the event
  • Resource planning of all participants of the event

Our approach

  • Use of classical and agile project methodologies
  • Support in the selection and use of suitable migration tools
  • High quality standards for conceptual activities in the context of migration preparation
  • Early selection of competence and responsibility holders for the individual migration-related topic blocks
  • Formation of migration tandems from the technical and business contacts of the areas to be migrated
  • Definition of quality gates to control the success of the transferred data
  • Hands-on mentality in all phases of the migration