process management

> Why change established processes?

Increasing competitive pressure from fintechs and changing requirements from customers and regulators increase the need to increase knowledge of one’s own process flows. 

However, a study by the Frauenhofer Institute shows that banks and financial service providers still have a lot of catching up to do in the area of digitalisation. The level of maturity of process digitalisation is low, which means that potentials cannot be sufficiently exploited. Furthermore, the study shows that banks and financial institutions have a low willingness to invest to change this situation and make their institutions fit for the future.

Our approach.

Gravning offers its customers a comprehensive range of services in the field of process management to enable the company to achieve the most ideal starting position in competition.

By recording and optimising existing processes, we create quick wins that have a direct impact on process times, customer, and employee satisfaction. With the digitalisation of processes that builds on this, further potentials are raised that support the company in its growth. This increases efficiency and flexibility. To increase transparency, we develop a comprehensive process controlling system together with the client based on meaningful KPIs.

process management
Evolution of process management
Gravning process management

Individual solutions.

No two banks are alike, which is why our process management offer is individually tailored to your needs.

We would be happy to visit you on site or organise a video conference to get to know each other and analyse together with you which phase of process management you are currently in. Based on these initial discussions, we will work out a status quo and derive possible solution scenarios for your institute.

As supplementary services, we offer various event formats to which we also cordially invite you. In these, you can expand your personal network and exchange information on exciting and innovative topics.