project management

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

– Larry Elder –

This also applies to project management (PM).

We often see that our clients know WHAT theywant to achieve or need to implement (e.g. the introduction of a new product or the implementation of regulatory requirements), but often fail inHOW.

In addition to unclear requirements, scarce resources and a lack of communication, many projects fail due to inadequate project planning as well as a lack of project management experience and knowledge of corresponding methods. Depending on the subject area of the respective project and which study is to be believed, the figures vary between 30 and 75 percent.

To ensure that your company is spared this statistic, our Gravning consultants not only have the knowledge of payments, process management, IT migration and payment processing outsourcing, but also take on the role of (partial) project manager in many projects. On the one hand, this relieves the pressure on resources, which are usually rather tight, and on the other hand, we compensate for a lack of experience and insufficient knowledge. In addition to experience in project management, our team also brings a variety of best-practice approaches based on ongoing and implemented projects.

Whether your projects are still being carried out according to the classic waterfall principle or agile elements are already being used – we are completely geared to your needs. In our PM toolbox, we bring along a variety of classic as well as agile methods and tools (e.g. Scrum, SAFe or Design Thinking).

Good projects need leadership and methodology

Project Management Skills

Whether waterfall, agile or hybrid – Gravning consultants have the necessary experience and certifications and adapt to your preferences.

Project management & expertise

The combination of technical expertise and methodological competence enables optimal project management. We know what issues you are concerned with.

Relief for internal experts

By taking over the project management, your internal experts can focus on the essential tasks and optimally contribute their knowledge to the project.

wealth of experience

Our consultants have many years of experience as (sub) project managers and bring proven best-practice approaches from similar projects.

Project Management Office (PMO)

If you would prefer to fill the role of project manager internally, but still need support with administrative tasks, we also offer PMO activities. These include the following tasks, among others:
  • Clarification of orders and preparation of project orders
  • Resource planning
  • Organisation and moderation of meetings/workshops
  • Documentation of results and follow-up of the open points list
  • Project monitoring and risk management
  • Monitoring of project progress and implementation of control measures
  • Collection and preparation of project information for decision-making bodies
Gravning project management

Let us know to what extent we can best support you and we will provide you with an individual offer.