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We “know” payments in all facets, from bank payments (SEPA, AZV, instant payments) to card payments and mobile payments. We provide answers to all challenges. In doing so, we take care of strategic issues and work on methodology, process and technology levels.


Anyone who thinks they can do things best alone is (hugely) mistaken. At Gravning, the team is not only at the centre, but is the decisive factor for success. We deliberately define the team broadly and include the employees of our clients, our partners and, in joint projects, other consulting firms.


We offer employees a long-term professional “home” and are committed to sustainable relationships with customers and partners. Furthermore, we want to live sustainability at all levels. The B-Corp certification was an important step, which will be followed by successive measures for this unique planet and for the people who live on it.

Our mission:

We see banking as a function and as a daily companion, not as an industry with rigid boundaries.

Gravning South Pole
We have set out to help transform and modernise banking for all stakeholders and to contribute our ideas. In this context, it is important to break through the boundaries of banking that have so far been perceived as rigid and to discover new areas. This must be considered from a functional, geographical and technical perspective and taken into account on the product side.

Instant payments or the 24-hour race for customers’ favour

We learnt to look over our shoulders in driving school, and it accompanies us throughout our lives on the road. If you want to switch to the fast lane, you should take a quick look back to judge your surroundings better. This scene in mind takes us right into the...

Sir Charles is always with you – a Payment adventure in New Zealand

Transaction fees were a constant companion – and that doesn’t even refer to the foreign exchange fees on the credit card statement. At first, I thought the New Zealand dialect was just playing tricks on me.

Implementation periods for instant payments shorter than expected

Tuesday, November 7th, 2023, 08:05 pm – The European Parliament has reached another milestone in the expected commitment to the introduction of instant payments. However, this means that the law is firmly expected to come into force in the first quarter of 2024.

Request to Pay – What’s behind the innovative payment method?

Since the coronavirus pandemic, the trend towards digital payment solutions has spread throughout society and has become an integral component of numerous individuals’ daily lives. For this reason, in this article, we examine Request to Pay, an innovative and contactless payment method that has the potential to gain new momentum with the forthcoming Instant Payments obligation.

Process management starts with the process map

The process map is a crucial tool for companies to visualize the existing business processes within the organisation and to attain an in-depth comprehension of these. As a result of conducting the process map, there is the possibility to further optimize the process and to delete unnecessary processes.

What Hamburg as a financial center can learn from Dublin

As is well known, Hamburg’s politicians and business community are asking themselves, quoting an initiative of the Chamber of Commerce, “how and from what we want to live in the future”.

After decades of ups and downs in the economy, Hamburg is once again facing important decisions, including the further development of the financial centre.

Shaping the future of mobility and payment – how e-mobility made rethinking payments a necessity.

The payment terminal obligation for charging stations is a done deal. But the real work is just beginning. Why it is not enough to transfer a familiar process to a new business and why a fully-fledged payment process strategy is needed.

Guest article: Global Instant DLT Payments

Centiglobe is a Swedish fintech company with the purpose of empowering smart DLT cross-border payment solutions (Distributed-Ledger-Technology) to secure innovation and growth by connecting financial flows.

Are the challenges faced by banks as a result of the mandatory introduction of Instant Payments greater than expected?

Since October 2022 at the latest, it has been clear that the obligation for banks to offer Instant Payments is coming! The EU Commission has made this clear with its draft legislation. Are there any further or new findings and what are the real challenges facing banks and financial institutions today?

T2/T2S Migration Retrospective

It is Thursday 30 March and project staff from financial institutions and employees of Gravning are toasting a successful T2/T2S migration in their regular exchange round. The regular T2 exchange initiated by Gravning at an early stage was unanimous: the migration weekend and the migration with all its obstacles was successful.

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Gravning Expedition: Instant Payments

Date: February 28th, 2024
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Time: 3:30-6 p.m

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Payment Transactions (ZV) Regulars’ Table

Date: March 7th, 2024
Location: Online
Time: 5 p.m

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ECMS call

Date: Every last Monday of the month
Location: Online
Time: 3.45 p.m

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Our crew makes us strong.

We are enthusiasts and explorers. In what we do, we believe in the compatibility of professionalism and fun. The crew is always at the centre of everything we do; it is our engine for success. Our fuel is the urge to find solutions and for this we are prepared to take unconventional paths. Curiosity, an out-of-the-box view and a true doer mentality are our constant companions.

We love the diversity and enjoy every day the unique characters and personalities that contribute in their own way to the success of the Gravning crew.

We are particularly proud of our expertise in payment transactions and the in-depth knowledge of our crew in all other areas of banking and project business.

We are looking for people who fit in with us.

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