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Payment transactions

We know payments in all facets, from bank payments (SEPA, international, instant payments) to card payments and mobile payments, and we envision possible use cases for payments via blockchain, as well.

Migration management

We not only orchestrate the pure IT migration, but also manage the entire transition. Core banking or payment systems are (after all)rarely introduced on a greenfield site, but rather during ongoing (banking) operations.

Process management

We believe that a well-positioned process management is the basis for all progress in corporate development. Our consultants offer support in all areas and deliver real added value for banking operations.

Our mission:

We see banking as a function and as a daily companion, not as an industry with rigid boundaries.

Gravning South Pole
We have set out to help transform and modernise banking for all stakeholders and to contribute our ideas. In this context, it is important to break through the boundaries of banking that have so far been perceived as rigid and to discover new areas. This must be considered from a functional, geographical and technical perspective and taken into account on the product side.

Revival… of the fittest? What the Point of Sale has in store for us in 2023.

As 2022 draws to a close, we're already setting the stage for an eventful 2023. While regulation will once again keep many of us on our toes, I'm also eagerly anticipating the future composition of the payment mix. With the dawn of Corona and at the height of the...

Vilja – the Swedish cloud-native banking platform

Fintech vilja has been building a new and cost-efficient banking system for credit and deposit since 2007. Learn about some facets of the Nordic cloud-based fintech in this report.

The Instant Payment Quick Check

The link between regulatory Obligation and successful implementationThe real-time transfer (Instant Payment), which was equipped with the corresponding standard in the SEPA area in 2017, has now established itself in the German payment market. Instant payment, with...

StockRepublic is the Future of Social Trading

From the very beginning, we have shifted our focus to building bridges, and in this context discovered our passion for international fintechs. It started in autumn 2019 with our "Building Bridges" event as part of the Hamburg Fintech Week, where we invited fintechs...

European Collateral Management System ECMS – the next big bang?!

After the Target2 consolidation with ECMS, are the banks facing the next mammoth task?

Digital Euro – background and challenges of this project

Digital Euro – What is behind it and what challenges does this project face?

T2/T2S consolidation – where are Germany’s banks?

The “TARGET2/T2S Consolidation” project was launched by the Eurosystem back in 2017.

Samsung Pay or Google Pay – the self-test

If you can at least say something positive about the current Corona situation, it is the increasing number of contactless payments and their increasing social acceptance. In the past 12 months, mobile payment has finally become part of everyday life in Germany.

“Travelogue” Paying in Mexico

Challenges when paying abroad | A travelogue from Mexico

BB21 – Building Bridges went digital…and connected Sweden & Germany (again)

For the first time as part of the Hamburg Fintech Week 2019 as an event for networking…

Events & Dates

Payment Transactions (ZV) Regulars’ Table

Date: May 4th, 2023
Location: Online
Time: 5 p.m

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Gravning Expedition

Date: Dates 2023 to be published soon
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Our crew makes us strong.

We are enthusiasts and explorers. In what we do, we believe in the compatibility of professionalism and fun. The crew is always at the centre of everything we do; it is our engine for success. Our fuel is the urge to find solutions and for this we are prepared to take unconventional paths. Curiosity, an out-of-the-box view and a true doer mentality are our constant companions.

We love the diversity and enjoy every day the unique characters and personalities that contribute in their own way to the success of the Gravning crew.

We are particularly proud of our expertise in payment transactions and the in-depth knowledge of our crew in all other areas of banking and project business.

We are looking for people who fit in with us.

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