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We accompany our peer group in the important task of keeping pace with the enormous speed of transformation in banking.

Through the

  • ever faster spiral of transformation,
  • the reduction of jobs and
  • the difficulty of filling vacant positions

it is becoming more and more difficult for colleagues in banks and financial service providers to exchange ideas and spar within their own companies.

The hybrid and distributed work caused by the pandemic, which will certainly continue, makes exchange within the companies even more difficult. In addition, the current and upcoming tasks are too important and too complex to do without an exchange with other market participants.

No one makes it alone!

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Our events.

That is why, right from the start of Gravning, we set out to create a platform for this essential exchange and created and held a series of events.

We always adapt our events to the needs of our participants, both in terms of content and frequency.


It all started with a simple exchange between us and the payment experts and decision-makers of some Hamburg banks in our office. Then came the pandemic and we decided to continue the exchange virtually, as the added value of these meetings was reflected by the participants. For us, this had the nice side effect of significantly expanding our reach. In the meantime, up to 15 banks from all over Germany take part in the “Stammtisch”. We are proud that our event has become an institution.

Next dates:

Date: May 4th / September 7th / November 9th

Time: 5 p.m., Webex Session

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Within the framework of our expeditions, we take on topics that require more detailed consideration. In addition, we can always welcome presentations by experts from other houses in this format, for example from Flatex or the Otto Payment Gesellschaft in the past.

Next date:

Dates for 2023 will be announced soon

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Building Bridges

We see ourselves not only as banking explorers, but also as bridge builders. It is essential to look beyond corporate and national borders. At least to satisfy one’s own curiosity, but also to get to know ideas, people and companies and to evaluate them in the interest of one’s own company, e.g. with regard to cooperation. Building Bridges as our flagship event pursues precisely this goal. Thus, before the pandemic, since Building Bridges functions primarily as a face-to-face event, we dedicated ourselves above all to building bridges between Sweden and Germany. We want to consistently strengthen this bridge but also build others.

Next date:

Dates for 2023 will be announced soon

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T2K call

THE top topic of 2022 in payment processing is the consolidation of Target2 and Target2-Securites. We are involved in some of these projects and have noticed that – as the November 2022 milestone approaches – the desire for exchange on this topic is coming more and more into focus. “What is your understanding?” or “Where are you at?” This is why we have created the fortnightly T2K Call, where our customers and also other banks have the opportunity for an intensive exchange on this topic.

Next date:

Every 2 weeks on Mondays, 4 p.m., MS teams session

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If you are interested in participating in one of our events or in joining the mailing list to announce future events, simply register by sending a short email .

Conferences & trade fairs.

However, we not only organise our own events, but also seek exchange at industry events and can regularly be found there, sometimes also as speakers or on panels.

Here you will find an overview of the events we have attended – always up to date.

Bankingclub : Next Generation Payment 2023

Date: 14. – 15. March 2023

Location: Cologne 

More information

Finance Forward conference : OMR Festival 2023

Date: 09. – 10. May 2023

Location: Hamburg

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Events Gravning

past events.

The anticipation for the upcoming events increases when you look back at the impressions of our previous events:

Let’s get into a mutual exchange of experiences and arrange a non-binding discussion.