Half of our team is currently working on tasks relating to payment transaction outsourcing. This high rate is not uncommon; the outsourcing of the technical and partly procedural processing of payment transactions is currently an important issue for many banks. According to a study by PwC [1] , more than half of the banks have already (partially) outsourced payment processing and more than a third have concrete plans for payment processing outsourcing.

The reasons for this are mainly:

  • the intensity and frequency of (quasi) regulatory requirements,
  • the lack of skilled workers and age structure in many payment back-office departments,
  • low interest margins,
  • the competition in the German banking market,
  • increasing requirements in the course of digitisation,
  • and the ever faster handling of business processes

and the associated immense expenses at the banks.

Especially in areas with a high degree of standardisation, such as payment transactions, the outsourcing of systems and also of (partial) processes offers numerous opportunities to outsource cost-intensive efforts to professional service providers.

Evaluate these opportunities for your house!

[1] PwC, Outsourcing in the Financial Industry, September 2021


Let us analyse together and on the basis of your specific business and the customer requirements and internal business processes derived from it, whether an outsourcing of payment transactions or – if your bank is already one of the banks that have carried out a (partial) outsourcing – a more far-reaching outsourcing seems to make sense in your specific case.

We bring the experience, the network and the tools to support your company in the analysis but also in the implementation and establishment of an outsourced payment processing:


Appropriate technical and IT expertise in payment transactions from a variety of line and project tasks

Appropriate project experience from strategic and operational involvement with outsourcing of payment processing
Expertise and experience in project management
Intensive networking and very good industry knowledge (including banks, payment providers, IT service providers )

A tool set customisable to your framework conditions and needs for analysis, provider selection and decision preparation

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